Why pay more than you need to create Webshops or websites?

Most businesses need to create a website to create a presence on the internet to survive today, and many people choose to do so to present anything from family stories to blogging about their interests. This can be quite complicated and expensive if you are not familiar with technical stuff and if computers scare the crap out of you. If you would like to take this even further and would like to sell something on the web, either privately or through a business, it requires even more knowledge of the world only computer geeks understands.

Therefore it ends up with it not being possible for the average Jane and Joe to create a website or a webshop without extensive investments. But are there other solutions? Could you possibly create a website or a webshop for less money? Today most people find it takes quite a handful of large dollar bills to be able to create even the simplest webshop through companies that offers such. For instance you can buy a webshop through WordPress.com, but it will quickly cost you a good $300 a year and you will have to set it up yourself.

Cheaper options

But what can you do then, if the most you dare to do with your computer is to open your Office products to turn in your reports and create Powerpoints? There are options for people who would like to learn the tech info involved, but for most this is still quite complicated, and they usually need to hire a Tech guy to set it up for them, and then suddenly they discover that they used all their investment funds just to set up the website or the webshop.

But what if someone helped you do this on your own? Without the tech guys’ help? Could it be possible for someone who knows business but hates computers to set up a website, or even a webshop themselves? Not everyone needs to set up a perfect marketing concept from the very start. Someone would like to just get online fast with little investment. If there is a need for advancement later, one could call the tech guy then when the money already have started rolling into the new startup.

The possibilities

There are possibilities on the web to learn how to set up solutions, but unfortunately they would like to teach you to become a tech guy. But some has also realized that there are people out there that just want a simple solution that costs little money that will get you online fast. A site that is set out to give you the guidelines to get online fast yourself, is Rockyshores.no. They give you the option to set up a website or a webshop yourself by just renting webhotel space and getting a domain. For websites, you can even get online for free without a domain. And if it is a bit scary to do this on your own, they can do it for you. Of course it will cost a bit more if they do the work, but you get quickly online. Try it out